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Focus on Hamilton Highway

Between Hamilton and Geelong

South Western Victoria, Australia

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Tarrington is the last village on the Hamilton Highway in Western Victoria. It has a large Lutheran Church, along with a school, church, hall, oval, cafe/restaurant, three wineries, computer repair service, quarry, day-care centre and a fire station. For more information Welcome to Tarrington
Nestled at the base of Mt Rouse, a dormant volcano, Penshurst offers a refreshing stop on the journey between Melbourne and Mt Gambier. With its Hotel, Cafes, Takeaway and Supermarket, food is readily available. For wine lovers, a boutique vineyard lies close to the town. For more information Welcome to Penshurst
Caramut is one of those towns at the cross-roads to everywhere, but if you stop and have a look around there are some interesting places to visit, particularly if you like nature, birds and animals, and a warm and friendly pub on a cold day. For more information Welcome to Caramut
The town of Hexham sits on the banks of the Hopkins River. Hexham is said to be Victoria's second oldest inland settlement after Harrow. The town was a Cobb & Co. staging point for all mail from Hamilton via Caramut, Penshurst and Tarrington and a passenger stopover on the route between Geelong and Belfast (Port Fairy). For more information Welcome to Hexham
Historical Mortlake, set up as a station in 1839, became a settlement during the 1850s and 1860s. The Post Office opened 2 February 1859. Mortlake is the Olivine capital of Australia - the beautiful crystal found at Mt Shadwell. For more information Welcome to Mortlake
Resting beside the Mt Emu Creek is the Elephant Bridge Hotel said to be the one of the oldest continuouslylicensed pubs in Victoria - the kitchen and cellar were built in 1842 and the rest of the building some years later. Darlington is also the location of the Mid-Western Speedway, and runs a wonderful market every third Saturday. For more information Welcome to Darlington
Derrinallum is settled near the foot of Mount Elephant, a 240 m high dormant volcano featuring a conical breached scoria cone with a crater 90 m deep. The town, in conjunction with neighbouring township Lismore, has an Australian Rules football team, and associated netball club Lismore-Derrinallum competing in the Mininera & District Football League and well as many other facilities. For more information Welcome to Derrinallum
Lismore was first settled because of a broken axle. It is the only patch of granite country in the basalt plains of the highway. Nearby is the only haunted gully you are likely to cross. It is one of the few towns on the highwaynot burned in the 1944 fires. Lake Tooliorook and Mount Elephant are two great reasons to stop and look about. While you are here check out the flax mill,the walking trail and the cemetery. For more information Welcome to Lismore
Cressy lies off just the highway. It is the home of friendly, dedicated artists and other and creative people. The park in the centre of town features the most unusual work of art for people to puzzle over and admire. The Discovery Trail, which comprises Historic markers that document places of significance, encourage those who visit to linger longer, and enjoy meandering through the past of this interesting town. For more information Welcome to Cressy
Where the Barwon and Leigh Rivers meet, Inverleigh is a town with a relaxed atmostphere, good food and wine, beautiful parks and, of course, the rivers. If you don't have your sea legs, the Suspension bridge over the Leigh River, can be a lot of fun. The walk (or wobble) from one side to the other is one of pleasures of a stroll through Lawson's Park. With restuarants, a great pub, and Bakery, Inverleigh is definitely worth a visit. For more information Welcome to Inverleigh

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