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Tarrington, Victoria

Tarrington is the last village on the Hamilton Highway in Western Victoria. It has a large Lutheran Church, along with a school, church, hall, oval, cafe/restaurant, three wineries, computer repair service, quarry, day-care centre and a fire station.

Tarrington was formerly known as Hochkirch, named by immigrants coming from the area of that name in Saxony, Germany. The town was settled in the early 1860s and the Hochkirch Post Office opened on February 15, 1861 (now closed and replaced by a hut that houses PO boxes) and renamed Tarrington March 1, 1918 due to the anti-German sentiment of that time.

The Laternenfest ...
Traditionally, Laternenfest, or Festival of Lanterns, takes place in the evening on or around November 11th. It is the celebration of the Life of a man who helped the poor. German communities celebrated Laternenfest in honour of St. Martin who was known for his generosity of spirit. He brought light into poor people's lives, and this is symbolized by the lights of the lantern parades.

Laternenfest is celebrated at Tarrington the Friday night before the beginning of Advent, normally the final day in November. The lanterns carried in our parade remind us of St Martin, and also of the birth of Jesus at Christmas, who came to be the Light of the World. (from Tarrington Lutheran School)

includes their wonderful Christmas Hay Bale Creations ...
a "must see" for everyone who uses the Highway

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