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Penshurst, Victoria

Nestled at the base of Mt Rouse, a dormant volcano, Penshurst offers a refreshing stop on the journey between Melbourne and Mt Gambier. With its Hotel, Cafes, Takeaway and Supermarket, food is readily available during the day.

Stroll the town and admire the bluestone historical buildings, or take the self-guided tour. Although many of the buildings have become private residences, the Old Court House is open on the first Saturday of each month, or by appointment. For more information, go to the town's website.

Penshurst Botanic Gardens
The beautiful Botanic Gardens with the Never Fail Spring offers a quiet location to have a cuppa and let everyone stretch their legs. There you'll find the barbeque area, children's playground and washroom facilities.

Visit the Volcanoes Discovery Centre and learn about the region and its volcanic history; then take a leisurely drive to the top of Mt Rouse to watch the sunset, or sunrise, and see all our beautiful wallabies and kangaroos on the way. It's not been unknown to have a kangaroo on Cobb or Watton Streets, and echnidnas in the front garden.

For nature lovers, sit back and relax at Yatmerone Wildlife Reserve at the end of Richie Street and feast your eyes on the natural beauty of the wildlife that lives there.

Accommodation -

Love it enough to stay overnight? Four Bed & Breakfasts also provide comfortable accommodation, and the Caravan park, sites only, is part of the Gardens. Sites are paid for at the Post Office just up the hill.

Markets -

Penshurst has a Community market twice a year to raise funds for various projects in the town. It is held in the Memorial Hall on the second Saturday in March and October. The Christmas Market is the second Friday night in December.

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