"Focus on Hamilton Highway"

Purposes of the Association


"To link the communities along the Hamilton Highway
for the benefit of the communities and travellers".

1) To capture the business potential of passing tourist and commercial traffic on the Hamilton Highway (B140) between Inverleigh & Tarrington, helping each town to develop their own exposure and tourism potential.

2) To act, with individuals and/or town groups, to advocate for improvements to each town as dictated by the town's Progress Associations, or individuals when no Associations exist, and to provide support with Grant applications to pay for such improvements.

3) To improve signage for each town, whether tourism or VicRoad signs

4) To exchange experiences and ideas concerning how to get best attention, information and assistance from our Municipalities and other bodies.

5) To bring together towns for events and projects of mutual benefit

6) Liaise and link to other regions - tourism trails and plans

7) To analyse data and initiate research to further the above purposes

8) And other activities as required and approved by the Association and its members


1) To lobby VicRoads and other appropriate Government and Private Sector businesses to improve the B140 highway to

(a) Increase safety

(b) Improve the experience of users on the highway

(c) Co-ordinate information from authorities

(d) To lobby Councils and Regional bodies for recognition and support in our endeavours.

If you can see yourself among the purposes expressed here, then join our Association and help
make a difference for all of us who live along the Hamilton Highway.

Download your Membership Application here.
The Fee is $20 per year. Payment details are on the form.

Welcome to the Focus on Hamilton Highway Association. Your involvement is appreciated.

For further information contact Ama Cooke, by email Secretary or phone 0402 870 738.

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