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Focus on Hamilton Highway
Western Victoria, Australia

A little bit of history ...

Living in a small country town is a very pleasant experience. When we arrived we got involved in the town's Progress Association and learned a lot from the people there and the local Council, about subjects such as 'How Councils work', what they will and won't do, what they can and can't do, and how to ask difficult questions. We began to investigate Tourism in the region, because we had spent so much time driving back and forth along the Hamilton Highway, and while Penshurst (our home) has a wonderful Volcanoes Discovery Centre (VDC), there are other treasures, such as Cressy and its invisible Art Gallery, the great hotels at Caramut, Lismore and Inverleigh, Derrinallum's Mt Elephant, which really does look like an elephant, and every other town (should I describe them all?) that have so many special places to visit, and yet, when I discussed the VDC with the tourism people in Colac they said they'd "never heard of it".

A little bit of mystery ...

"Never heard of it" .. that became a statement from many people in many towns along many highways as my husband (a photographer) and I (his curious side-kick) travelled from one side of Victoria to the other hunting great scenes and memorable places.

"Never heard of it" didn't just apply to the VDC, but to the other towns themselves along the B140. Never heard of the olivine in Mortlake, or the beauty of its Avenue of Honour, Penshurst's Botanic Gardens and the Never Fail Spring, the many lakes, the multitude of volcanic craters, the history of the region itself, was all a mystery to many people - and so we started hunting the internet for answers - and came to the sorry conclusion that the B140 Hamilton Highway, instead of being nicknamed the 'crater way' (for various reasons I will leave to your imagination) really was the Invisible Highway - and yet, it shouldn't be.

And then the plan ...

Step in a gathering of frustrated people, beginning in Mortlake, called the Hamilton Highway Alliance. From that Alliance sprang a small group of individuals interested in many things, from boosting tourism, to improving their towns, to road repairs (often desperately needed), to simply keeping their towns alive .. and after a couple of bumps in the road, our Association, that Focuses on the towns and regions along the Highway, was born on the 30th June 2015.

The Purposes of the Association, Business Plan and Constitution, can be found on the site called The Board (you can get there from here). From places like Penshurst you can "get to" Warrnambool, Port Fairy, Hamilton and out into the far Western District. Mortlake is another town that leads to 'everywhere'. From Cressy you can get to Colac and the Great Ocean Road, but if they can't remember us, do people get to us from there?

Dreamers welcome ...

Why do I call us dreamers? If you live along the highway, or simply have an interest, or a great idea, we would love you to join our Association, or even just chat to us about it (email me from the Contact Us page). It doesn't cost much ($20), and we intend the benefits to be enormous. If you are reading this it is because you are curious about us, or as frustrated as we are, and might end up helping us, or being helped by us, as the Association grows and changes. We have a list of dreams and plans which will evolve over time, as the Hamilton Highway and the towns along it, take their place on the tourism maps of the region, both printed and online, and people realise just how much we have to offer. Check out our newsletter for interesting developments. You can sign up for it on the Newsletter page, or find us on Facebook .. as we continue to explore the Highway ..

Ama Cooke, Secretary
Focus on Hamilton Highway Inc.
Mobile: 0402 870 738

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