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Mount Elephant is a 240-metre-high (790 ft) conical breached scoria cone formed by an extinct volcano, located 1 km from the town of Derrinallum in southwestern Victoria, Australia. It is a prominent landmark that forms the eastern gateway to the Kanawinka Geopark from the Hamilton Highway at Derrinallum. The Mount is open from 1 - 4 pm each sunday. For more informatino visit their website.

Mt Shadwell is well known locally for its volcanic bombs, which range in size from a few centimetres across to huge specimens over a metre long; although the majority of bombs would measure around 10 to 15cm in diameter. Most of the bombs have spectacular olivine cores with a thin coating of scoria on the outside.

If you plan to visit Mt Shadwell quarry, you should first visit the Moyne Shire offices at 1 Jamieson Ave., in Mortlake to sign a consent form. The staff at the shire offices are very helpful.
Climb, or drive, to the summit of Mount Rouse at Penshurst and gaze out on part of Kanawinka's volcanic lava plain. To the south of the main scoria cone is a deep circular crater with a small lake and shallow crater rimmed with basalt. Past lava flows from the Mount followed shallow, gently sloping river courses, extending at least 60kms south to Port Fairy. A thin basalt lava flow contained in the scoria cone has been dated approximately 1.8 million years old.
Tea Tree Lake, and the Mortlake Botanic Gardens, were originally a swamp that was drained in the late 1870's and established as the Mortlake Botanical Gardens by 1883. The wetland area, which was rejuvenated in 1988, is now a popular and picturesque public open space. It features an historic rotunda dedicated to Thomas Montgomery, and is home to a variety of native animals, including more than 100 species of birds. The lake has been stocked with fish and yabbies.
Deep Lake is situated on Chatsworth Road 4.5 kms off the Hamilton Highway at Derrinallum. A beautiful site with camping and boating facilities. For more information click on the link.
Lake Tooliorook, close to both Derrinallum and Lismore is a good fishing and boating location with new and upgraded facilities and a camping ground. A fishing license is required and can be obtained locally.
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Lake Rosine is 6kms west of Cressy, just across the road from Lake Corangamite, and is said to be a great lake for fishing. Is it one of your favourite fishing sites, and would you like to share your experiences there on this site?
Lake Martin, a shallow 2,200-hectare (5,400-acre) feshwater lake on the Woady Yaloak River, is located in the Western District Lakes region of southwest Victoria, in Australian. The lake is situated adjacent to, and upstream from, the freshwater Lake Corangamite.
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Lake Weering is a salt catchment to the east of the town that was renamed Barpinba. It is 30 km north of Colac and east of Lake Corangamite.

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